1982149_195671367308492_1693512780_nFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE —  December 21, 2015


(WILMINGTON, NC) – Wesley Casteen, a Wilmington-area Attorney and CPA, announced that he is running for Congress. Casteen filed for the 7th District U.S. House seat, which is presently occupied by freshman Republican, David Rouzer. The 7th District includes all or parts of twelve counties in southeastern North Carolina, and it is the district formerly represented by long-time Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre.

In 2014, the 7th District contest was the only three-way Congressional race in North Carolina, and it included Rouzer, Democratic Commissioner, Jonathan Barfield, and Wesley Casteen, who ran as a Libertarian. Jonathan Barfield has announced that he will defend his seat on the New Hanover County Commission, and on Monday, Casteen filed federal election papers in Raleigh, as a candidate for the Democratic Party.

Casteen addressed his change in party affiliation by saying, “The intense focus on political parties is unfortunate. Few voters support every element of any party platform, and most voters do not want a mouthpiece for a political party. They want a representative of the people, and I look forward to representing all of the residents of the 7th District.”

“The role of government is to foster an environment where everyone has opportunities to excel and to find happiness,” he said, “but most of all, government needs to live up to its promises.” Casteen noted that retirees have been promised Social Security and Medicare, but both benefits programs are quickly approaching insolvency. He said, “Government fails the people when it overextends itself and makes promises that it cannot or will not keep.”

Casteen used the recent Congressional votes on the Omnibus Spending Bill to highlight his concerns. In those votes, David Rouzer was among the 150 House Republicans, who supported a $1.14 TRILLION spending bill, and Rouzer also voted to support a tax package, which will cut more than $600 BILLION from potential tax revenues. Casteen said the votes represented “business as usual” in Congress. He said, “It is not fiscally responsible for a country to live beyond its means, and it is not socially responsible to spend money today at the cost of America’s future.”

According to Casteen, years of deficit spending have led to an accumulated National Debt, which is quickly approaching $20 Trillion. Casteen said, “Many persons believe that someone else will pay that bill, and that ‘someone’ will be America’s children.”

Casteen later said, “Some want government to do even more: Universal healthcare, free college education, and doubling of the minimum wage. However, promising more without shoring up existing programs and benefits sets up a clash between those, like vulnerable seniors, who have come to rely upon existing benefits, and future generations, who will be burdened with paying the bills. In the end, no one benefits from empty promises and I.O.U.’s.”

In his closing remarks, Casteen urged, “Let’s keep our promises: Provide strong educational institutions; foster increased employment opportunities; maintain vital infrastructure, including transportation improvements and highway maintenance; and make benefits programs, like Social Security and Medicare, financially sound.”


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